Threapcroft Barn: The collection of farm buildings at Threapcroft are unlisted but lie within the curtilage of the Grade II listed farmhouse. The family who own the farm have lived and farmed there for three generations. The daughter of the farmer and her family propose to convert the group of farm buildings to form a single residence, having outgrown their cottage on the end of the farmhouse range.

The proposals aim to find a new and sustainable use for the farm buildings which, due to changes in farming practice over the last 100 years, have become largely redundant. The conversion will comprise a five bedroom house with extensive living accommodation, double garage, a guest wing within the pig sty and a large open plan kitchen/dining/living space within the cowhouse or mistal.

As with other projects, the process began with an Historic Recording Report which is an essential tool in identifying the sequential development of the site and establishing the origins and form of the earliest buildings, as well as its' status in the local and national context.

During the preliminary stages of all our projects we undertake substantial consultation with Local Authority Planning and Conservation Officers to ensure the proposals are sensitive to the historic structure and context, creative and contemporary, meet the needs of the client and satisfy local and national planning policy and heritage guidance. In most cases this is a fine balance and by far the most successful projects are those where all parties are involved from the early stages and where an open minded and creative approach is employed.

The proposals at Threapcroft have recently been submitted for informal comment to the Planning and Conservation Officers who have been involved in the consultation process and, once their comments have been taken into account, will be submitted for Planning Permission.




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