1 & 2 Fellgreave cottages: the owners of grade II listed no.2 Fellgreave cottages recently purchased no.1 cottage which was on the EH building at risk register and was in a very poor state of repair, with the intention of joining the two cottages to form a single residence. The cottages, lying to the north of Huddersfield, form the western end of a farmhouse range originating in the late 17th century.

Alteration works to join the two properites include removal of an early 20th century staircase from no.1, rationalization of the layout at first floor level, replacement of rotten softwood windows and doors to no. 1 and a new heating system based on a pellet fuelled boiler which is to be linked to an underfloor heating system.

The replacement windows are to mirror the detailing of the windows which would have originally occupied the various dates of the openings, however, the slender frames are to be double glazed to improve their thermal efficiency.

Some repair works have also been necessary to internal beams and structural cracks which have opened up on the rear elevation between no.1 & 2 cottages. Damp internal plaster is to be replaced with lime plaster to match the original and sheep's wool and cellulose insulation installed in the roof space, again to improve the buildings' thermal efficiency.

These works bring both cottages back into habitable use using materials which are either contemporary with the buildings original construction or are have high environmental credentials with very low embodied energy.



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